Ethernaal was born from the vision of a decentralized and collective organization for the tattoo industry built to offer news artistical and financial possibilities, a place for the curation of e-art and ultimately to provide accessible tools for each artist to participate in the evolution of the tattoo in a new, digital and eternal form.

The tattoo art evolved in centuries within the restrictions of its indisputable bound to the temporal, it´s masterpieces condemned to survive through the ages in the depredating existence of those whom once, proudly carried them.

Ethernaal allows tattoo artist to convert their flashes into NFTs without technical background, is the fusion of our ancestral art and modern technology meant to provide the next iteration in evolution, the NF2T (Non fungible Tattoo Token).

Ethernaal has already stepped in the crypto world, winner of 2 prizes during the 2021 ETHglobal NFTHackathon.

Shall the adventure begin when tattoo meets eternity.


92 Noise

South Korea/Seoul

Belen Velasco

United Kingdom/London



Bong Chill Park

South Korea/Seoul

Blockchain Tattoo Art

A brand new way to buy and sell tattoo’s as collectible eternal digital pieces of art, redeemable against their flashes and their corresponding tattoos in the artist studio. Access our artist gallery here

DAO Governance

Onboard in the collective as an artist, a studio or an investor. Acquire a voice in governance, a role in ethical censorship, in gallery curation and earn a share of revenue by holding the governance token ($NAAL). Artists, studios, we onboard you and handle the technical stuff.

Art Index & Liquidity

Get exposure to your favorite artist indexes, to our artistical selection and to NFT decentralized finance via Ethernaal

Ethernaal Museum

A dedicated share of Ethernaal revenue and treasury is dedicated to digital art acquisition and curation under the supervision of the DAO token holders.


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Antoine Brutel

Co-Founder/Creative director

 Tattoo artist, co-founder of Pleasure London, founder of Nihil London

Tom Ribot

Co-Founder/ CEO/ Designer

Co-founder of Collective Ending HQ London, artist sculptor, tattoo artist

Blockchain advisor on DAO and DeFi in numerous crypto industry projects (Civicpower, Coinstats, Korus).


Smart Contract Developer

Blockchain Evangelist, Product Manager for Emerging Technology @ WileyNXT, Developer Ambassador for Algorand, Aeternity, NEAR Protocol (India Guild) and Covalent, Co-founder of BeneFit (An NFT marketplace for charities)


Lead Developer

 Full-stack developer who studied intelligent and communicating systems. His passion for new technologies gave him the opportunity to win several hackathons and co-founded Universal Voucher, LiskRide.