Ethernaal at NFT PARIS

Ethernaal at NFT PARIS

In January, we were at NFT PARIS to share our passion with you, we tell you everything!

It was in France that the NFT PARIS exhibition was held last January. The Ethernaal team has gathered for this occasion, to meet you.
Today we decided to make a small summary for you.

NFT Paris 03
NFT Paris conf
What is NFT PARIS?

NFT PARIS is an exhibition dedicated to NFT in the capital of arts and technological innovation. This event is organized by various world-renowned partners (among them LEDGER).
After the great success of the New York and Miami events, the directors of the event, Côme Prost-Boucle and Alexandre Tsydenkov, thought that Paris deserved a large-scale NFT event!

This show aims to bring together NFT collectors, influencers and Web3 industry pioneers in a unique event. For one day, all aspects of NFT were addressed and accessible during the show.
Art, luxury, music, technology, metaverses, conferences and stands were there to welcome the 500 visitors.
It was a great opportunity to explore, discover the use cases of this technology, and to meet professionals of the ecosystem.
Whether visitors wanted to meet the different actors of the projects, or hone a personal project, everyone was welcome.

You can follow them on twitter @nft_paris to be aware of the next events.

Well, what about Ethernaal?

Ethernaal was there to welcome you in this NFT universe!

The NFT Paris exhibition gave us another opportunity to meet those who already knew us and to introduce us to those who did not know us.
For this occasion, the artists and the team members exchanged with the visitors about the project and their desire to make it grow.

We were located right in front of the physical edition of Arke’s « Bitcoin Ronin« , born from the partnership between the SolidNFT project and the artist Arke, printed in large format for your viewing pleasure.
In the pure spirit of tattoo shops, a physical catalog was available to show you many of our NFT tattoo creations.
A temporary tattoo machine was also part of the event, allowing you to inscribe a nice Ethernaal logo in a few seconds on your arm!
The opportunity for those who could experiment it, to leave with a very nice souvenir!

We were able to see and welcome many visitors, coming from all over the world, and rich in different cultures, all along the day.
Despite a declining crypto market during the event, the crypto enthusiasts and the investors present were not worried about their wallet.
The good mood and joy was there!
Coming to understand the NFT universe, growing at a crazy speed, its possibilities, and the Art that comes from it, the visitors were highly receptive and fulfilled by what they discovered during the NFT Paris.

Our teams debated with passion and answered all your questions about the project with great pleasure.
In view of the stimulating discussions, and so much enthusiasm shared with the visitors, it is with pleasure that we will renew meetings at future fairs and events! We can’t wait!

Don’t hesitate to follow us on twitter @ethernaal to be aware of the next events where you can meet us!

« To be considered as artists beyond the simple status of tattoo craftsman, with the blockchain technology,

 it’s the right time to change the way we look at our profession and make the tattoo eternal »

Ethernaal Team

NFTs for each use case

Ethernaal offers to create any kind of NFT Classes, wherever the user need is to digitalize a piece of equipment like a tattoo machine, an experience such as a
scar, a NF2T (Non-fungible Tattoo Token) or to recognize Mastery of a discipline.