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Introducing the Ethernaal AltspaceVR Museum

In February, we have created our first official virtual museum, at AltspaceVR.

Looking for innovations to interact with tattoo and NFT enthusiasts, our virtual museum in the AltspaceVR platform is a nice step on our way into the metaverse. We tell you everything about it!

Ethernaal and Metaverse

Ethernaal has been interested since the beginning in different ways to meet the community and how to share the fantastic work of our artists.
So, in addition to meeting you at various trade shows, as described in our last article here, we have opened wide the door to the metaverse, a multitude of virtual worlds!

On October 2021, we work on our first internal test for a virtual museum via the platform The Nemesis . This website allowing to explore several worlds directly from your web browser! It’s an incredible project, and we are still working on it. Not released for now.
In parallel to this first test, we decided to push the experience even further to allow you to live it through a virtual reality headset, for the lucky ones and the curious ones who own a headset.

From November to February, work was underway for the construction of this museum.You can see or rewatch the video of the museum structure under construction on the tweet below.

AltspaceVR Museum

At first, a small description of the platform we use! AltspaceVR is a virtual space where it is possible to visit places, accompanied or not by other people, in virtual reality thanks to an adapted helmet, like the Meta (Oculus) Quest or the Valve Index.

You can do a lot of things in the world of AltspaceVR! Live shows, events, meetings, viewing videos with others, manipulating 3D objects… AltspaceVR even hosted the first One Man Show in virtual reality! 

AltspaceVR was acquired by Microsoft in 2017 for integrate the Mixed Reality division, alongside HoloLens .
Here is the list of the different compatible headsets to access this world:
The HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, the Oculus Rift S Go, the Meta (Oculus) Quest 1 and 2 and … a computer!

Yeah, that’s right! A 2D mode is available for those who don’t have a VR headset yet, by downloading the Altspace VR application on your PC. That’s why we organized, for the opening of our Ethernaal museum, a pleasant giveaway with a Meta Quest 2 to win! For this, the goal was to take a picture of your virtual avatar in front of one of the NFTs present in the museum!
Community is important for us and we’ll organize more giveaway in the future…


Present and Future

It is on February 11th that the opening took place!
We welcome you in an architecture created for the occasion, which takes its origins in the Ethernaal logo.
Several floors full of beautiful surprises await your visit. We hope you like the structure!

For those who visited our museum in February, maybe you had the chance to meet and discuss with the artists and the team members, in the middle of all these splendid masterpieces!
On February 27th, we welcomed our 1000th visitor and a hundred more have come since!
Come and visit our museum by following this link, to discover yourself these few carefully selected works that are exposed.

The Museum on Altspace is just the main structure and it will be duplicated in the biggest metaverses with very exciting new features.
As we are very satisfied with this new experience in virtual reality museums, we have decided to do it again with the creation of our second official museum, in the OVR world…
Come back soon to read our blog for more information!

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If you prefer telegram, we have opened our channel on this platform here !

« From a financial perspective, the metaverse industry is a nearly $800 billion market opportunity.
Social, persistent, shared, virtual 3D worlds, the metaverse is
the convergence of the physical and digital realms in the next evolution of the internet and social networks. »

Ethernaal Team

NFTs for each use case

Ethernaal offers to create any kind of NFT Classes, wherever the user need is to digitalize a piece of equipment like a tattoo machine, an experience such as a
scar, a NF2T (Non-fungible Tattoo Token) or to recognize Mastery of a discipline.