Non Fungible Conference

Non Fungible Conference at Lisbon

A wonderful event dedicated to NFT

It’s in Lisbon this time if we meet again!
After a conference in Barcelona at the end of March, we went to the beginning of April in the neighbor country with the Non Fungible Conference, a conference entirely dedicated to NFT.

Non Fungible Conference

The season is in overdrive !
With the media explosion of NFTs in the last two years, many conferences were born during this period.
This time, we meet for the 2022 edition of the Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon, capital of Portugal.

This event, which took place on April 4 & 5, 2022, is dedicated above all to NFT projects in the blockchain ecosystem.
A 2-day event filled with talks, panels, workshops and experiences that brings together artists, projects, platforms, collectors and investors from the global NFT community.

The conference took place in the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, a rather mythical place, it should be noted!
In the heart of the city and surrounded by the Eduardo VII Park, the emblematic Pavilion is a landmark of Lisbon’s architecture. It is named after the Portuguese athlete who won the first gold medal at the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984.



We strongly advise you to check the NFC twitter account  if you want to see lots of video content about the event.
It was super rich in conferences, stands and projects to discover.
So many gems that we didn’t know where to look !
A lot of works were exposed along the corridors, between the stands, and created directly on the show floor, as you can see on these few pictures.

The place was perfectly chosen.
There was enough space for conferences, a party reserved for the stands, and beautiful exhibits for the works.
Outside, some visitors’ cars were personalized with their permissions. The Art was there.



After two fast-paced days of discovering all kinds of great projects and people, the world-renowned The SandBox project had a great surprise in store for us to close this event in style.

Before revealing this surprise in more detail, a little reminder about the actor The Sandbox, a pillar in the world of NFT.
The Sandbox is founded by two Frenchmen: Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget. They are joined later by Animoca Brands, a video game company located in Hong Kong.

As the protocol of The Sandbox is based on the blockchain, so users can create an entire universe and its economy, taking the game to a new level.
The game is one of the most developed metaverse in the world, where players can acquire, build and sell virtual assets and game experiences via NFT.

Thanks to its complete economy that can satisfy players, creators and investors, The Sandbox has found a nice balanced formula that propels it today among the NFT behemoths. Snoop Dogg, Ubisoft and Binance have supported it in various in-game events.

Sandbox Jungle Party, the icing on the cake

What could be better than a good party to close a great event like this ?
The party took place right next to a botanical garden. A setting in the middle of plants quite exotic.

An atmosphere to party and drink with the music and performances of  Agoria , Damian Lazarus, and Dj Tennis
Agoria, an artist much appreciated for his album « Impermanence« , who is now rediscovering himself as totally passionate about NFT and Blockchain technology.

The room was full, its maximum capacity of 1500 people to leave some disappointed people outside.
The animation was pretty amazing, I invite you to check out the tweet above if you want to feel the vibe.

It is right next to the party, in the middle of the botanical garden that Ethernaal chose to expose its stand to the lucky ones enjoying the evening.

NF2T and Flash NFT 


This event being quite unique, many people present wanted to leave with a souvenir, as much in NFT as inked in their skin !
It’s a great coincidence, it’s our speciality…

Spicy Collective tattoo artists were our guys on the party, ready to answer your craziest requests. And also the cutest !

For all those who chose a Flash Tattoo from our collection, they left with an NFT version of their tattoo in their wallet, and the tattoo on the body for the bravest.
You can admire the fabulous work of the Spicy Collective on the next pictures.

We were able to make a NF2T, a unique NFT piece engraved only on one person. For this one, the story is so cute.
To celebrate and keep forever her wedding date, she made it engraved in her neck in a certified edition unique in the world.
And in addition to twisting her neck in front of the mirror to see it, she can now also admire it directly in her wallet!

love nf2t

With the discovery of incredible artist, good vibe with you and good music, the NFC 2022 is a great surprise, we already look for next year.

We were able to share our passion for tattooing and the world of crypto by making works directly on you.

Come back soon to browse our blog for more information!


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« When the creativity of many artists is concentrated in a mythical place, it gives the Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon. »

Ethernaal Team

NFTs for each use case

Ethernaal offers to create any kind of NFT Classes, wherever the user need is to digitalize a piece of equipment like a tattoo machine, an experience such as a
scar, a NF2T (Non-fungible Tattoo Token) or to recognize Mastery of a discipline.