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The genesis of Ethernaal and $NAAL

The idea of our project Ethernaal is to create a technological revolution propelling a way for the 10th art to be preserved for eternity via blockchain technology and NFT.
This technology also allows tattoo artists to experience a new way to meet, communicate and promote their art with people wanting to get tattooed.
The artists as well as the buyers participate indirectly in the elaboration of a cultural database, where the tattoo artists and their tattoos will be registered and visible for the future generations.

This project not only redefines the art of tattooing in the real world, but also opens the door to the creation of digital tattoos. Thanks to the inviolability of the intellectual property allowed by the blockchain, digital tattoos can be simply collected, used in virtual worlds like metaverses, or video games.

To bring it all together in one place, creating, buying and selling NFT tattoos via a user friendly marketplace is one of our priorities. After a first version, we decided to work hard to provide you with a v2 marketplace providing a user experience that we hope will satisfy you all.

Before we introduce you to our new marketplace, here is an article to simply explain the implication and usefulness of our $NAAL token in our ecosystem.


To embrace decentralization and allow Ethernaal to persist over time, the creation of a $NAAL token was essential. Indeed, to create a unique decentralized organizational structure for Ethernaal, owning a token specific to Ethernaal is the simplest solution, in addition to allowing to offer other services.

This is how the $NAAL was born. All $NAAL owners are owners of Ethernaal.
Ownership of the code, the web user interface, the treasury are owned by the Token Holders as the fees generated by the entire Ethernaal ecosystem, based on the DAO theory (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).
We will see the properties of the $NAAL in more detail in the next paragraph.


By holding $NAAL, you invest a part of your budget directly in the Ethernaal project. It allows you to participate in votes and decisions for the project via Snapshot protocol/technologies.
This first step, which is the simplest one, without any further implication than the $NAAL holding, allows you to be part of one of the four entities of the DAO: The Guild.

By being part of the Guild, you can: vote on snapshots, ask to participate in work to get more deeply involved in the project, and ask to remove someone from the Council.

The Council is accessible to people who are more involved in the project, via the allocation of NFT and $NAAL. The other two entities are simply the Team, and the Artists Collective. All participate actively in the DAO, making proposals and implementing them.


With censorship and operational decisions in the hands of the DAO, $NAAL holders are incentivized to identify users who are selling « unique » pieces to different markets, inappropriate content, or copyright violations.

Participation in such activities allows guild members to earn $NAAL by participating in day-to-day activities such as content quality monitoring, censorship decisions or copyright claims.
DAO members who participate in recognition programs earn $NAAL and NFT ́s compensation in the process as an incentive.
Thanks to this synergy, the more you are involved in the project, the more you are rewarded, and the more your voting weight on decisions counts, earning more $NAAL.

For advanced users, one of the goals of $NAAL is to be available in DeFi’s platform and service partners, to be used as collateral for example, allowing the user to access DeFi’s services but also for the DAO to have access to new opportunities and collective use cases, like pooled voting power among multiple users.

Use cases for artists

Artist onboarding is performed via a snapshot vote. If the $NAAL holders want to see his work land on the marketplace and the vote is positive, the artist will be coached by the team for his first steps, and gains access to propose his work within the marketplace.

Ethernaal’s OTC solution allows tattoo stores to offer their customers an NFT option for their tattoo. Stores are equipped with a tablet that generates a QR code for the OTC transaction, delivering the NFT version of the tattoo against payment in crypto-currency ($ETH or $NAAL).

The $NAAL can be used both as a means of payment by the artist for the sale of these NFTs, and to allow the artist to direct the evolution of Ethernaal to what he feels is right and good for the future.


Other benefits


Staking $NAAL also gives access to special events offered by Ethernaal or partners. Private sales with exclusive NFT are also part of it!
For the adventurous, it is also possible to have access to previews of new features.
It also provides access to a portion of the distribution of fees collected throughout the year.
Profits generated by the ecosystem are distributed to NAAL$ holders on a quarterly and annual basis.

Another feature also allows the mint of special NFT in exchange for a temporary staking of $NAAL, and to participate more greatly in the Black Unicorn family, the parent company of Ethernaal. If new projects are born and offer different extras or airdrop, hold $NAAL will allow you to benefit from this synergy within the Black Unicorn family !

For information, the Total supply is only 4 000 000 $NAAL.


You can find more details in our whitepaper on the following link: here

We hope that this little tour around the $NAAL ecosystem will be useful for you, and that you have all the tools you need for the arrival of our MarketPlace v2!

Stay tuned to our twitter feed to enjoy the upcoming teasing and keep yourself as informed as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions under our tweets!

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Ethernaal Team

NFTs for each use case

Ethernaal offers to create any kind of NFT Classes, wherever the user need is to digitalize a piece of equipment like a tattoo machine, an experience such as a
scar, a NF2T (Non-fungible Tattoo Token) or to recognize Mastery of a discipline.

$NAAL end article