Sun and tattoos in Barcelona at the Avalanche Summit

Get ready for sun and tattoos ! What’s new under the Mediterranean sun ?

In March, Spain welcomed us for a very nice event. We met at the Avalanche Summit ! Beautiful things in progress ? We tell you about this event. 

avax car
enter of avax summit
Avalanche Summit 

From 22 to 27 March was held the Avalanche summit. In the heart of the mythical city of Barcelona, IT enthusiasts chose this popular tourist spot in Europe to bring a trade show dedicated to the Avalanche Avax blockchain ecosystem.
In addition to being a perfect city for a successful Bachelor and Bachelorette party, Barcelona has for this occasion offered its sunshine and its good mood to all fans and workers in the blockchain ecosystem.

The Avalanche Summit is a conference for developers, researchers and creators of Avalanche-based applications, as well as anyone who wants to learn more and meet the people behind the projects they know, or don’t know.
You can learn about the latest updates to the Avalanche platform, and also meet like-minded innovators creating the next generation of applications for Web3. This includes decentralized finance applications, utility applications, innovative applications and NFT projects compatible with the avax blockchain.

Great speakers were present to deliver lots of lectures, and answer questions, like Stani Kulechov, founder of Aave, Sergey Nazarov co-founder of Chainlink, Julien Bouteloup founder of Stake DAO, Eli Ben-Sasson President of starkware, Monica Taher from the El Salvador government, and of course Emin Gun Sirer, founder of Ava labs, the creators of Avalanche.
In addition to all the stands and conferences, the city was perfect for organizing a multitude of size events, to discover some projects in depth, discover new ones, or simply relax in pleasant company with the global crypto community.


Ethernaal Stand ! 

We welcomed you with our stand, full of activity and friendly interaction.

Our beautiful stand was located in the open air to take advantage of the good weather in Barcelona. Spring obliges, the heat was not always there in the morning, but overall, the location was rather pleasant.
Comfortable sofas were waiting for you to sit down and chat with our team and our artists.
We are really happy with the contagious cheerfulness of the visitors who came to see our catalogs, discuss tattooing, and discover our concept of including tattooing in our lives in an eternal way with the blockchain.
The visit of our galleries in Virtual Reality was also possible via a meta quest 2 headset brought by us for the occasion!


This time, many happy people left with nice temporary tattoos ! Here are some examples on the photos above.

But in addition to these ephemeral memories, we were able to organize in a tattoo shop near the avalanche summit the tattoo of one of our creations, a NF2T.
It is the artist Spicy Collective that we count among our ranks who made this tattoo with the beautiful Ethernaal logo. You can admire the result just below.
You can follow him on twitter by clicking here !

As a reminder, the NF2T is an original and unique creation in NFT, which gives you the right, thanks to its acquisition, to an appointment with the tattoo artist who is the author to inscribe this work of art forever on your body.
We were able to do more in Lisbon during the Non Fungible Conference, you can see it soon here on our blog !

Why did Ethernaal come to Avalanche Summit?

It’s time for a little alpha, which you’ve already seen if you follow our twitter account carefully! Our marketplace, thoroughly redesigned for a new release, will have some pretty fun surprises when it comes out! The platform that makes the connection between our artists and tattooers with you will be available on the Avax blockchain soon! This translates into transaction fees, imposed by the blockchain system, much cheaper than via Ethereum, for the happiness of artists and users wanting to acquire a work! Meet us here to learn more about the MarketPlace V2 in a few time…

During a small moment of recreation, the artist BGervilla had fun to elaborate a Blackpool drawing, to then draw it on the arm of one of our partners from BlackPool, the result is quite satisfying!
A good memory with our partner, with whom we have, in addition to having had a good time, participate in their auction during this week at the Avalanche Summit.

Partnership with BlackPool : A good cause.

For those who don’t know them yet, BlackPool is the first fund operating within the NFT industry: managing a range of assets from sports cards to game items to digital art, and so much more !
You can visit their website here for more details.

This unique NFT was made with heart by the amazing artist PleaseCoverMe. You can find him here on twitter.
Created especially for this sale, it has been auctioned for the benefit of an association that is very close to our hearts, the Fxck Cancer association.
Their mission is to fight cancer by raising awareness and to educate about prevention and early cancer detection.
Their goal is to ultimately put an end to late stage cancer diagnosis. Their look to enrich the lives of those fighting cancer by offering them special VIP experiences that will bring them hope, inspiration, and courage.
You can find their website here if you want to learn or fight alongside them.

We raised $1.6ETH ($5400 at the time of the sale) for the Fxck Cancer association during this exceptional sale.
You can find the part of the auction on this video, from the 25th minute.
Thanks again to all the participants !

This show had a really warm and unique atmosphere, we were delighted with all these meetings with crypto enthusiasts.
Between great meetings, good times and good action, The Avalanche summit 2022 will leave us a good memory.
We can’t wait to meet you in other events to continue sharing our passion for tattooing and crypto world.
Come back soon to read our blog for more information!


Don’t hesitate to follow us on twitter @ethernaal !
If you prefer telegram, we have opened our channel on this platform here !

« With the sale of this NFT to benefit Fxck Cancer, the art of NFT interacts with the real world in the most noble of ways. »

Ethernaal Team

NFTs for each use case

Ethernaal offers to create any kind of NFT Classes, wherever the user need is to digitalize a piece of equipment like a tattoo machine, an experience such as a
scar, a NF2T (Non-fungible Tattoo Token) or to recognize Mastery of a discipline.