Tattoo after care

An important thing that is ever present in tattoo collectors’ minds is aftercare, there are a lot of aftercare routines that you can get into to ensure that your tattoo heals the best that it can. There are also some definite things to avoid to ensure that your new tattoo does not get infected. If you are yet to start your tattoo journey your artist will likely explain how to look after your tattoo but in case you forget or just want a refresh, here are 5 tips for tattoo aftercare :

1. Firstly, once you have received the tattoo, the artist will wrap it in cling film or second skin, this is to ensure that the tattoo stays clean, which reduces the risk of infection greatly. You should keep this on for around 1-3 days depending on what your artist recommends, heavier styles like trad or anything with heavy black work in will be under cling film longer than delicate hand poked styles. We recommend taking the second skin or cling film off in the shower as with second skin some ink can be taken out if removed dry. Once your tattoo is exposed wash in with warm water and let it air dry. 


2. Once the tattoo is dry you should apply some form of cream or moisturiser. This will help alleviate the itchiness and moisturise the dry skin. Everyone you ask will recommend you a different cream (I use coconut oil!), however any alcohol-free moisturiser of your preference will do the job. When using cream, you do not need to use a lot, a small ball that will just cover the tattoo is perfect. You can apply the cream a few times a day, whenever you notice it becoming dry. 

3. Avoid submerging your new tattoo in water for long periods of time, while your tattoo is healing there is a risk it will become infected from the bacteria that is in water. There is also a possibility that ink will come out of the tattoo when underwater. However, showering is fine, just avoid swimming and baths and you will be ok. 

4. Try to avoid a lot of sunlight while your tattoo is healing as too much time in the sun will cause the tattoo to fade. The sun can damage your tattoos once they have healed too, so whenever the sun is out make sure to put sun cream on your tattoos to avoid them fading. 

5. Lastly, do not scratch or pick at your healing tattoo. As your tattoo heals it will go through some scabbing / peeling a few days after getting it. It can become irritatingly itchy and as tempted as you may be, make sure not to itch, scratch, scrape or pick your healing tattoo. The areas that get scratched will not heal as they should and will appear faded in the end. If you cannot bear the itchy feeling, slapping the tattoo gently can relieve the irritating feeling. 

If you follow these steps your new tattoo will stay bright and vibrant for years to come, and perhaps more importantly you will be able to do everything in your power to make sure that the new addition to your collection does not get infected! 

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