Antoine Brutel


Tattoo artist, co-founder of Pleasure London, founder of Nihil London

Tom Ribot

Co-Founder/ Identity Manager

Co-founder of Collective Ending HQ London, artist sculptor, tattoo artist


Co-founder/chief visionary

The guy that wrote this whitepaper. CivicPower, Korus, founder of Black Unicorn.


Chief Blockchain Officer

Blockchain Evangelist, Product Manager for Emerging Technology @ WileyNXT, Developer Ambassador for Algorand, Aeternity, NEAR Protocol (India Guild) and Covalent, Co-founder of BeneFit.

Jean-Michel Alandou

Chief Technical Officer

Full-stack developer, co-founded Universal Voucher and LiskRide.


Head of Artist Management

With her artsy soul and a talkative mouth, her role within the team is to frequently interact with the artists and build an art-driven community, sharing Ethernaal’s core values and visions.

Axel Sega

Chief Marketing Officer

Building strong crypto communities since 2017 for different projects, master in crypto languages, fundamental analyst.

Xavier C.N

Head of industry onboarding

Blockchain enthousiast since 2013 and founder of Ouiblock®. Lawyer by training and blockchain project manager, he has worked as a consultant for various Blockchain projects in the context of their fundraising and legal engineering.

Vancau Thibaut

Head of Design

Digital Artist (2D /3D), Entrepreneur since 4 years. Blockchain & NFT Addict. AR/VR hardcore user. I like the endless possibility of mixing Art and Technology

Matiss V

Head of Training

I teach Ethernaal artists the basics of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies,In the Cryptogame since 2018 I have been able to gain a lot of skills and knowledge


Chief managing Director

Experience business developer with over 15 years of experience in international business development and new product strategy.

Jeremy M

Chief Operating Officer

Self-taught entrepreneur since 5 years, in love with: process and automation. Passionate about new technologies and digital art.